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5 Popular Events That Are Perfect For Marquees

5 Popular Events That Are Perfect For Marquees

Marquees are the ideal location to organise any event. They are versatile. Hence, you can shape them according to your needs. This article shares popular events perfect for marquees. Also, we will share some tips on how to get the most out of each one.

Popular Events To Organise In The Marquee


Do you want to arrange your wedding ceremony outdoor? Marquee is the perfect place to host a classic wedding outdoors. You can organise your wedding reception at your favourite location. Also, a marquee will cost less than a fixed wedding venue.

Marquees come with a blank canvas. Hence, you can design your event according to your choice. Specific lighting, decor, dance floors – there are many things that will help emphasise your wedding theme. You can book your favourite marquee throughout the year with fewer late-night restrictions. Hence, you can enjoy yourself with your partner and guests all night.

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Corporate Events

Are you looking for the perfect place to arrange a staff party, conference, or other corporate events? Consider marquee to create a compelling setting. Marquees and corporate events go hand-in-hand. Some companies hire marquees to host multiple events under one roof. Working with the right sound company will make your corporate event even more comfortable and enjoyable for your employees.

Birthday Parties

Do you want to make your birthday the talk of the town? Marquees are the ideal location to arrange popular events. They provide you with customisable space. Hence, you can turn it according to your needs. The beauty of marquees is that they come with a large blank space. Thus, you can also use some space as a play area to keep the children entertained.

Music Festivals

Gathering with friends to watch your favourite performer has long been a summer highlight for several people. Marquees are becoming trending for organising music festivals. You will see a marquee the next time you attend any music event. They provide shelter for the stalls in the event. Also, they provide a barrier for mosquitoes and flies. In addition, marquee also has a first aid team.

Sporting Events

Marquees have long been used during sporting events. As marquees are portable, they may go with the event, providing shelter wherever the location of your next tournament is. They are a popular choice during summer. They provide a sun shelter for viewers. Also, people use them for offering house refreshments.

Marquees are flexible, versatile and best for organising events of any kind. Here at Bukhara Royale, we can style the marquee according to the client’s needs. Do you have any special upcoming events? If you are considering a marquee, contact us now!

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