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A Definitive Guide to Mehndi Ceremony

A Definitive Guide to Mehndi Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony is one of the most likeable wedding rituals during which the families have the most fun. The environment is casual, and a lot of dance and party is going on in a cheerful mood. Mehndi’s photos are probably the happiest ones in the wedding album. The mehndi function is not just about having your palms painted with the deep and rich colours of the mehndi. It is also about the moments you and your loved ones create with fun and love that you will remember forever.

You must ensure that everyone is having a good time while you and your cousins are busy getting your palms tattooed in beautiful designs. Therefore, careful planning is essential to entertain every guest. This article will help you do that.

Decide Your Mehndi Venue

Do you want to arrange your mehndi function in your garden or at home? Or do you want it to happen in the wedding marquee? Before you move on with the planning of your mehndi ceremony, make this decision.

The venue you choose will significantly impact how many guests you can host, how you will manage the seating arrangement, food, dance games and fun, and what time of day will be most suitable for your event.

Most of the time, brides-to-be are so preoccupied with their special day that they forget to make proper preparations for the pre-wedding events. Your mehndi ceremony is just as important as your wedding, so we recommend putting it on your priority list.

Make A List Of Your Guests

Make a list of the people you want to invite to your mehndi function before you start sending out invitations. It would involve some concerns. These include how many guests your ceremony venue can hold and how many guests will come from either side (if you’re doing a combined mehndi party).

Mehndi Decor

Are your plans for mehndi decorations complete? The main goal of a mehndi function is to delight yourself and your guests. Design the perfect joyful place with flowers, bridal seat, fun themes and props such as fabrics, jhoomars, backdrops and comfortable floor seating.

Make Your Playlist

Do you want your party to be joyful and colourful? The music you choose for your mehndi ceremony will have a big impact on how successful your celebration is. Select songs that make you feel nostalgic and are simple to sing along to. 

Are you confused about the selection of songs? Ask for help from your friends and cousins. Mehndi function is all about having fun, releasing wedding planning stress, and spending quality time with your close friends and family as you are going to say them bye. Give your best friend the responsibility to make a playlist for you so that everyone is dancing and having a great time.

Get Creative With The Photographs

A mehndi ceremony is an excellent opportunity to go a little wild, especially when taking pictures. Use all of your decor ideas and mehndi designs. Do not forget to take pictures with your best friends. 

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