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Beautiful and Classy Stage Decor Ideas

Beautiful and Classy Stage Decor Ideas

Gone are the days when a few flower garlands and fabric hung around the venue were considered the wedding decor. These days, people usually hire professional decorators for their wedding ceremonies. They have brought a substantial evolution in the concept of wedding venue decor. They decorate the venue hall according to the wedding themes. Couples usually look for beautiful stage decor. They want to make their big day memorable. Everyone wants to celebrate their day with a unique concept. They want to grab the attention of everyone. Many event planners offer exceptional decor services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. At Bukhara Royale, we provide excellent stage decor services to our clients. For more details, keep reading. 

Shimmer and Shine Stage Decor

You need delicate shimmery and glam adornments for decorating this type of stage. Also, people use crystal backdrops. They also use beaded strings along with LED lights. Everyone will adore this custom shimmer and shine stage. This beautiful stage decor is beyond words of brilliance. It will leave nothing to the imagination.

Dramatic Stage

People usually design dramatic stages for mehndi night and reception. They decorate it with colourful lights. Event managers prefer to use printed led lights on the front side of the stage. These elements give a royal effect to your mehndi night. At Bukhara, we decorate the best dramatic stage for your event. It will add delight to your event.

Dazzling Stage

This beautiful stage decor is a traditional example of simple wedding stage decor with a light show. The whole venue is decorated with lights in different shades. It will add colour to your stage decor with floral or shimmer hanging micro bulbs or lights and enormous bunched flowers. 

Classy Stage Having Shimmery Elements

This type of stage decor is quite popular. It is in high demand nowadays. This stage has a colourful flower ceiling. It has a floral backdrop wall. That wall has a lot of colours and shimmer. People also use candle-decked up walls. Also, the stage has artificial or natural flowers. Wedding planners also use silver and white hanging adornments. Making this lovely wedding stage decor requires only candles and fresh flowers.

Outdoor Floral Stage Decor

This stage decor is popular for summer night events and winter day events. It is the best example of classic and beautiful stage decor. Event planners use natural and fresh flowers for decorating the stage. They use these flowers on backdrops, ceilings, rustic settings and stage. People nowadays would appreciate this style of decor in any open space. 

Truck Art & Traditional Stage Decor

This type of stage decor is unique. It comes with a traditional touch. Nowadays, couples prefer unique and stunning decor for their big day. Do you enjoy conventional and artistic things? Then you must consider presenting and organising events using this theme. The truck art theme looks lovely. It creates a cosy atmosphere. 

Casino Stage Decor

This type of stage decor is ideal for bachelor parties. People also prefer it for mehndi nights. The casino-themed stage features a large LED screen. It comes with various colours of raw metal structure to give a colourful effect. 

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