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Best Dishes To Use At A Wedding Ceremony in Winter

Best Dishes To Use At A Wedding Ceremony in Winter

Are you worried about the menu for your winter wedding reception? Luckily, there are many delectable options for winter wedding menus! Since you can select heartier cuisine representing the season, many recipes work well for a winter reception menu. We can help you come up with a budget-friendly menu that will impress your guests.

Having a winter wedding allows you to provide rich desserts and crowd-pleasing comfort cuisine. Winter wedding menu ideas include warm cheese appetizers, soup shooters, and inventive food bars. Ensure your guests indulge in traditional winter desserts like a hot chocolate bar. Here are top winter comfort food and beverage alternatives to assist you in coming up with a menu for your winter wedding.

A List Of Delectable Winter Wedding Menus To Impress Your Guests

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate is famous in winter for a reason. A traditional hot chocolate beverage would attract your guests on a cold winter night. Consider serving variations made with milk, dark, and white chocolate, along with various toppings. A few topping ideas include graham cracker crumbs, hot fudge, whipped cream and marshmallows.

Soup Appetizers

Setting the tone for the rest of the meal is the appetizer course. Consider serving your guests warm, cosy soups in miniature cups so they can taste all available flavours. When served in small cups, the soup course won’t fill up your guests before the entrees come out. A creamy tomato soup or a robust vegan squash soup is the most preferred one and warms the insides!

Chocolate Lava Cake

The warm chocolate that pours out of a chocolate lava cake’s heart always impresses the guests. Everyone enjoys this outstanding experience and appreciates the idea of adding this sweet treat to the winter wedding menu. Every chocolate lover loves the delectable chocolate lava cake and wants more!

Pumpkin Custard With Gingersnap Crumbles

Custard is an excellent option to serve at winter weddings. In winter, these custards are served with a gingersnap crumble. This delicious combo will not disappoint your guests. These custards are a simple make-ahead alternative for a catered wedding and are best for serving a large crowd.

Hot Cocoa Cookies 

Your guests will be amazed by the costly wintertime with these scrumptious cookies. Add a drizzle of hot fudge or caramel to the chewy chocolate cookie’s toppings, including a fluffy marshmallow and chocolate shavings, to make it an especially spectacular winter wedding treat.

Consider Brunch

Are you planning a wedding in the morning? Serve brunch during the reception. Who doesn’t like eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes? Or, get creative and serve delicious pastries, egg dishes, and mini-waffles at a dinner reception. For diversity and excitement, ensure to include a wide range of savoury toppings in addition to the customary sweet syrups.

Discuss your winter wedding menu ideas with us, and let us help you to make an amazing reception menu for your winter wedding.

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