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Celebrate Perfect Corporate Event In Bukhara Royale Marquee

Celebrate Perfect Corporate Event In Bukhara Royale Marquee

Do you Want to organise a perfect corporate event that your colleagues and stakeholders will remember for years? If yes, you must think of a unique venue. Contact us whether you are hosting a staff party, product launch or conference. Bukhara Royale has decades of experience in arranging various kinds of events. We know how to customise the marquee according to the needs of your corporate event.

When you book our marquee for a business event, you hire a customisable and scalable place. Hence, you can make it custom-designed. There is a place to accommodate approximately 3000+ guests. Thus, you do not have to worry about the capacity.

Staff Parties

Scalable, open plan and a place of choice – doesn’t that sound perfect for your next staff party? By booking our marque, you have complete control over everything. You can do styling and set up your party venue according to your preference. It will allow you to organise a perfect corporate event that will impress your staff.


Do you want to arrange a conference that your partners will remember for a longer time? Then, hire Bukhara Royale. Customisable space, natural lights and scalable size make Bukhara Royale Marque perfect for arranging any meeting. Also, it has good furniture, heating and restrooms. You need all these things to organise a successful conference. Our marquee provides you with everything.

Parties To Celebrate Success

Bukhara Royale is one of the best venues for a corporate party in Islamabad. Do you want to celebrate your success with your clients, stake holders, or staff. Hire our marquee now! You can arrange a customised party with your favourite decorations and colours. Make your celebrations memorable with us!

Product Launches

Do you want to create a buzz for your new product? Hire our marque and customise it to reflect the features of your product. This way, you will have an immersive experience for your next product launch.

We have a team of professional event management planners. They have years of experience in planning and coordinating business events. We ensure to plan everything with great perfection. Hire Bukhara Royale to arrange a perfect corporate event. And get access to our event management service. Our marquee also comes with furnishings, lighting, heating and restroom facilities.

Are you interested in arranging your next corporate event in Bukhara Royale Marquee? For more details, visit our website now! or call us on 0321 9580443 or 03060722227.

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