What Is The Average Cost Of Nikah Ceremony In Islamabad?

How Much Does It Cost For Nikah In Islamabad?

How Much Does It Cost For Nikah

The Pakistani Wedding & Nikah Ceremony

Pakistan is a country with amazing traditions dispersed over its borders. The marriage rituals in this nation are a reflection of the harmony and conformity among its citizens. Marriages in Pakistan typically follow Islamic marriage law, despite local and regional variations. Culturally, marriages in the subcontinent are not just the couple’s union but also seen as unions between the bride and the groom’s family, friends, and loved ones. In Pakistan, a woman must be 16 years old to marry, while a man must be 18. Pakistani wedding traditions are a hectic spectacle of joy, pleasure, elegant attire and fun. 

Pakistani weddings begin with several events lasting for a week or even longer. The most important wedding events in Pakistan include pre-wedding ceremonies like the engagement, Dholki, Mayoun, Ubtan, and Mehndi, and the eagerly anticipated wedding day, Barat. Post-marriage events like Valima and Chauthi then follow it. Every event has a different approach, attire and menu selection. Cake-cutting ceremonies are not part of traditional marriages in Pakistan. However, people usually offer sweets on the menu. The lunch menu varies and depends on cost and personal preference. 

The Cost Of Nikah Ceremony In Pakistan

A Pakistani wedding includes numerous Hindu traditions and endless expenses. In contrast, marriage in Islam just includes a simple Nikah ceremony. Walima then continues beside the groom. If someone wants a formal wedding, the female side may need Rs 60,000 (at Rs 300 per person for 150 guests), Rs 100,000 for the furniture and other necessary equipment, and Rs 40,000 for the wedding dresses. Hence, 200,000 rupees is enough for an average wedding.

The cost of a Pakistani wedding varies depending on your finances, guest list, preferences, and the vendors you hire. The bride’s dress, makeup, photography, wedding invitations, presents for the groom, wedding venue, gold ornaments, furniture, electronic equipment, crockery, clothes, shoes, and bags are the main spending categories.

The most effective approach is to create a budget based on your available savings and allocate money to each line item. Keep in mind that extravagant weddings do not guarantee happy marriages. Although you may have many desires, choose wisely where you want to spend and where you can save to spare yourself unneeded sorrow and headache.

The wedding and fashion industries’ marketing strategies have consistently raised the bar on weddings’ glamour and expense quotient. Making nikah ceremony simple is Sunnah. We suggest reducing wedding expenses and saving money that you and your partner can use to travel and include umrah in your honeymoon destination.

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