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How To Have The Perfect Wedding Ceremony During Eid Days

How To Have The Perfect Wedding Ceremony During Eid Days

Eid ul-Adha is around the corner with all of its joyful traditions. These may include getting new clothes and gathering with dear ones. Families gather around to celebrate Eid el-Adha. People who live in Pakistan know that the days before Eid are the busiest. People rush around getting their last-minute Eid shopping as others prepare to travel. Future brides planning their wedding ceremony during the Eid holidays have much more work. This article shares a detailed overview of Eid weddings. We will discuss what to expect and how to handle any mess-ups.

Why Do People Prefer Eid Weddings?

It is becoming a common trend to host weddings during the Eid holidays. It is because Eid typically lasts three days and frequently falls on a weekend, which prolongs the celebration. The first day of Eid is usually a day for family reunions. Ideally, you should consider having your wedding on Eid’s second or third day. Like any other festive time, an Eid wedding in Pakistan has many associated benefits as well as drawbacks.


  • There is a greater chance that guests will be able to attend your wedding as it is a national holiday. Additionally, guests from abroad do not need to take extra leave.
  • The RSVPs you get will be precise and quick.
  • Family members typically spend more time together during the Eid holidays. Having the wedding during these days would be advantageous for everyone to attend.
  • Due to the holiday season, most businesses offer deals and promotions on their services and products. There is a chance for you to save money on your wedding and your honeymoon.


  • Due to the national holiday, there may be a rise in the price of renting a wedding venue and vendors.
  • Many vendors are closed over the holidays. Hence last-minute or emergency shopping will be more challenging.
  • Overcrowded roads due to the national holiday may lead to the late arrival of some guestsl.
  • Your friends and relatives may have already made travel plans, so not everyone can join.
  • Eid dates are difficult to determine in advance as they follow the moon. You may want to have your wedding on the second day of Eid, which could have turned out to be the first day.

Tip To Make Your Eid Wedding Successful

Inform Your Guests

Send out invitation cards early to avoid disappointment and guarantee everyone can attend your big day.

Do Shopping In Advance

Shopping a few days before Eid requires a systematic approach because many stores frequently offer sales and promotional items that may rapidly run out of stock. Make a list of the things you require and write down the names of the stores so you may make all the purchases you need before the Eid shopping frenzy starts.

Communicate With Suppliers

High season leads to high demand. You are not the only one getting married during Eid. Therefore, book everything in advance, including the photographer, caterer, florist, DJ, and beauty salons. 

Incorporate Eid Into Your Wedding Theme

Ask your caterer to include special Eid desserts on the menu. You can also customise your wedding flavours with Eid sweets.

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