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How To Style A Marquee For A Special Birthday Celebration?

How To Style A Marquee For A Special Birthday Celebration?

A marquee is a perfect place for a special birthday celebration. They provide a blank space for you. Hence you can choose the theme and decorations that best suits your personality. Also, with marquees, you have no late-night restrictions. This blog shares some of the best ways to style a marquee to make your birthday special.

Use Fairy Lights

If you host your birthday party at night, you will want the perfect atmosphere. You can achieve that by hanging fairy lights from the top. We recommend you consider multi-coloured lights over plain white. And choose ones that flicker and flash to create a warm, inviting, and beautiful atmosphere. You can choose between solar-powered and mains-powered models. Solar works best in the spring and summer, with lots of time to charge on a clear day. Otherwise, go with the safe option and purchase a set that plugs into mains.

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Dance Floor

You can always expect dancing at birthday parties. Adding a dancing floor at your birthday party is the best way to motivate everyone to get up and move. Consider checkerboard dance floors as they are simple to incorporate into any birthday theme.

They are simple to install, come in various sizes, and are strong enough to be used all night.

Buy Or Hire A Projector

The latest party trend is hiring or purchasing a projector. The goal is to project the images of a birthday boy/girl onto the white walls. It is the best way to impress your guests and make your party the talk of the town.


The lighting is one of the most important aspects. Make the best use of them. And add delight to your special birthday celebrations.

Colourful Linings

Does your birthday boy or girl have a favourite colour? Decorate the marquee by keeping in mind their exacting standards. The ivory linings of the marquee cover all of the architecture and electrical connections of the marquee. To personalise the marquee, apply coloured overlays and swags. And we will make sure they perform well in your selected surroundings.

Paint The Air With Scent

So far, we have considered the visual aspects of party design. But party decoration is much more than just simply the sense of sight. Consider how you might attract your guests with their sense of smell. Place scented candles on each table to create a realistic picture of the aroma. If you choose incense, make sure at least one marquee wall is open. Otherwise, it may become too smokey inside. And the last thing you want is for your guests to have coughing or an asthma attack.

Get in touch with our highly experienced team at Bukhara Royale Marquees, and let us work with you to design the special birthday celebration for you.

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