7 Benefits To Hire Bukhara Royale Marquee For Wedding Events

Key Benefits To Hire Bukhara Royale Marquee For Wedding Events

Bukhara Royale Marquee

Bukhara Royale Marquee is the leading marquee in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is located on the Islamabad expressway, near Gulberg Green. The Bukhara Royale Marquee is the best venue for organizing any event. Here, we provide a full range of services. It makes our marquee one of the best marquees in the capital. It is perfect for large meetings due to its large capacity and multiple event spaces. Here, we arrange the best wedding ceremonies in the town. This blog provides a detailed overview of the Bukhara Royale Marquee.

At Bukhara Royale Marquee, we provide clients with fully customised solutions. It has helped us build our reputation. We make the environment that the client wants. We work closely with the providers to design the perfect layout for you. At Bukhara, we offer cost-effective marquee hire services to our clients. It makes our marquee an obvious option for events by nearby residents. Here, you can arrange lavish wedding events in the town. We offer a wide range of decor services. These include linings, lighting, branding and multi-level flooring. Other services that we provide at Bukhara Marquee include:

A Flexible Layout

One of the most important benefits of Bukhara Royale Marquee is the versatility of its structure and layout options it provides. The main space is for guests to dine, dance, and socialise. But, there are many other areas as well. We have a glamorous lobby that makes us different from others. We also have a beautiful bridal room, bathrooms, catering area, etc. From a unique layout to the custom concept, we provide everything. Our team has experts has the ability to make your event memorable. 

Fully Heated and Illuminated Space

Many people think that marquees are not suited for winter weddings. Or they are not good for evening receptions. But Bukhara is fully heated and lit. Our marquee is ideal for all seasons. Hence, you can dance the night away in a gorgeously illuminated and warmly heated marquee every season.

Provide The Highest-Qualility Food In Islamabad

When it comes to weddings, one of the important factors to consider is food. The beauty of a wedding at Bukhara Marquee is that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a marquee wedding without worrying about catering problems. Our on-site caterers have their bespoke kitchen. Here, you will get any food you want – no extra effort, no cars stuck in the mud!

Free Car Parking

Our marquee has plenty of free parking. We can host over 3000 visitors in three separate zones. Bukhara Royale Marquee is synonymous with maximum luxury and comfort.

Decor And Design

At Bukhara, we provide the best decor and design services in the town. We facilitate custom design wedding decor for every client. We have a team of professionals. They will make your wedding space according to your needs.

Catering Services

Do you have an upcoming wedding event? It would help if you considered modern Pakistani catering trends while looking for a professional caterer for your event. At Bukhara, we provide the best catering services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We have a team of expert and professional caterers who prepare and serve unique and delectable food platters and drinks. Our expert caterers understand the expectations of customers and work accordingly.

Wedding Photography

Hiring the best wedding photographer is one of the most difficult tasks. Bukhara is working with one of the top wedding photographic teams in Islamabad. They are experts in capturing beautiful pictures of the couple. For more details, contact us now!

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