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Things Desi Aunties Do At Weddings

Things Desi Aunties Do At Weddings

Pakistani weddings are those significant life events where you will experience an excess of drama, Masti, and gloss. Don’t get carried away just yet. Everyone loves to attend weddings. Although the dancing, the dhol, and the shor sharaba are enjoyable, the relatives also make some infuriating or amusing remarks. You haven’t seen them in a very long time, especially aunts. They are the most curious and nosy creatures in the wedding ceremony. They have a lot to say to the bride, the groom, and everyone around. 

The Rishty Wali Aunty

Rishte wali aunties are the constant guests invited to every desi Pakistani wedding. They are the favourite character of every concerned mother and the least favourite for single ladies. These aunts find their target with their business cards in hand. Their main focus is depressed mothers looking for the ideal prince charming for their daughters. 

The “Phupo” In Every Wedding Ceremony

She would also be dissatisfied during the Barat after throwing tantrums before the main event. These aunts will be seen criticising the wedding events for their shortcomings. You can be sure that these aunts will make you miserable.

The “Mujhy Tou Kisi Ne Kuch Btaya He Nahe” Aunty

It is another cringe type of aunty who wants the attention of everyone. These aunties want to interfere in every matter. They act like no one tells them anything and create drama about the little things.

The Aunty With A Lot Of Problems

We are sure you will find these types of aunties on every table, from her never-ending health troubles to her many complaints about her life, her saas, and her daughter-in-law. These aunties are so irritating to all of us.

The Dancer Aunty

These aunties add a fun element to every wedding. Weddings would not be enjoyable without these aunts dancing. In particular, they are the special guest at Mehendi, which gives weddings their spark. If dancing isn’t your thing, you should avoid these people because they will drag you to hell.

The Hungry Aunty

Until their plate can accommodate ten hungry tummies, they will cram as much food as possible onto it. They won’t share it and will instead waste the food with anyone and waste a lot. After hearing Sadia Baji declare that the chawal they left was the best, they decided to make the trek again. Of course, even when they are full, they must still swarm the desert.

The Judgemental Aunty

These aunties judge the dress, jewellery and makeup of every girl attending the wedding event. They love to do gossips about every one and discuss how badtmeez somebody’s bahu and daughter are. But they will never analyse themselves and talk shit about others.

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