What Should I Consider While Planning Valima Ceremony?

Things To Consider On Valima Reception

Valima Reception

Following the wedding, the groom’s family plans a Valima, a formal celebration of their togetherness. It honours the start of a new chapter in the life of the newlyweds couple. The tradition is to invite members of the bride’s and groom’s families to the event. The bride and groom make their official debut as a married couple on this momentous day. The Valima reception includes delectable cuisine, live music, DJs and floral decor.

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Dress Up Elegantly & Simply For The Valima Reception

The couple must leave a good first impression because this is their first public appearance as a couple. They wish to keep things sophisticated and tasteful. For this occasion, the bride dresses in a stunning lehenga and sparkling jewellery that her in-laws gave her. Conversely, the groom decides to dress formally by wearing a formal shalwar kameez or suit. Along with the bride and groom, everyone attending the valima ceremony also dress elegantly. On the day of the reception ceremony, the men wear waistcoats and Western suits, and the women wear formal Pakistani ethnic attire such as sharara suits and Anarkali salwar kameez.

The Entertainment

The valima ceremony’s audience wants nonstop entertainment. They would like to dance and enjoy the moment. Additional activities, such as photoshoots, could be included in the entertainment session. The couple may decide to offer live music for their guests in addition to recorded music. Inviting a comedian to entertain the guests is also a clever idea. Traditional dances and drum-beating sessions are other ways to keep your guests amused. Sentimental moments are also considered a source of entertainment for some guests.

The Wedding Gifts

The guests, including family members, close acquaintances, and relatives, believe walima is the ideal occasion to give gifts to the newlyweds. The presents come in various forms and could include a headscarf, a model of a mosque, perfumes, things for home decor, or even branded clothing for the partners. However, cash can be the ideal present if the couple communicates that they do not have a boxed gift policy. 

Food and Drinks

Due to the abundance of food and beverages, the wedding guests will have a great time. Food at an Islamic wedding reception is typically required to be Halal-certified. Since the wedding is a holy event, guests and other attendees must act appropriately throughout the ceremony. Alcohol should not be a part of the menu as it may lead to inappropriate behaviour. You may look forward to delicious delicacies at a Muslim wedding reception, like fish, rice, chicken, goat, lamb, and much more.

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