Elements You Need To Consider While Choosing A Wedding Hall

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Marriage Hall

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Marriage Hall

The first thing you do after deciding on a wedding date is to book a wedding hall for your big day. The venue site sets the mood and environment for your wedding. When new to wedding planning, we frequently overlook minor details that could cause problems later. Here is a list of ten things to consider before booking a wedding hall. 

Number Of Guests

Before choosing a wedding venue, it is important to make an estimate of how many guests will attend the wedding. There are many wedding halls in the city that can accommodate varying audience sizes. Shortlist some wedding venues that have the capacity to handle the number of people you are expecting to attend the function.

Check The Number Of Halls In The Wedding Venue

If your wedding date is coming during the peak wedding season, make sure the wedding hall is available on that date and time. Check if the venue has numerous halls. If yes, then confirm whether another wedding is taking place on the same day. It will help you organise everything efficiently. Also, you can avoid any confusion with your guests.


While choosing a wedding venue for your big day, consider other elements that the hall provides. You should check the air conditioning, catering service, and sufficient chairs and tables. Clean table linen, an audio visual system, and green rooms for the bride or groom to change are also important. All these features add to the value of the hall.

Parking space

Ample parking is essential, especially if you intend to invite a large crowd. If there is not enough space for parking, guests will park their cars on the streets and by-lanes, causing even more traffic jams and hassles.


Even if it is not possible to choose a place that is convenient for all guests, keep at least the close relatives in mind while making a decision. If the location is difficult to discover or far from the place of stay, it will be disturbing on the wedding day. If you want to plan a destination wedding, arrange your stay accordingly. Plan your stay accordingly if you are having a destination wedding. In other cases, book a popular and easily accessible wedding venue within the city.


Lighting is critical in setting the right atmosphere for your wedding. If you are organising a daytime event, ensure your wedding hall has plenty of windows to let in natural light. A well-lit room is essential for an evening event. Hence you need to ensure that the hall lights are not so dim. 


Before booking the wedding venue, ensure that they serve the best food in the town with multiple varieties for various functions. Always taste their cuisine before hiring them. Also, one should always visit the wedding site to examine the arrangements.

Aesthetic Decoration & Set-up

In good wedding halls, an in-house team of decorators is always at work. They are capable of decorating the venue according to the client’s requirements. It will help you avoid the headache of searching for a good decorator. These decorators can assist you in creating a unique theme-styled wedding venue. 

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