Marquee Wedding: Reasons To Hire A Marquee For Your Big Day

Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Marquee Wedding

Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Marquee Wedding

Are you facing difficulty in deciding between a marquee wedding and a more traditional venue? Do not worry. We are here to help. This blog shares the top reasons why wedding marquees make the best venue for your wedding ceremony.

Choose Your Favourite Location

For a marquee wedding, you just need a patch of grass. Other things are the responsibility of the event management team. We have suspended floors that can even level a rough field. It means you can select your favourite location. And leave other things to us. Looking for something unique? The best thing about marquee hire is that you can enjoy the country views.

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Built Your Marquee According To Your Taste

Your marquee is custom-built for you, making it unique and memorable for your wedding day! The hotel reception room has one size for everyone. On the other hand, the marquee size is adjusted according to your needs and the number of guests. We can design the marquee to meet the size of any event. With a marquee wedding, you can create the perfect atmosphere. Also, you do not have to worry about being too small and crowded.

No Limitations On The Number Of Guests

Marquee wedding allows you to invite as many guests as you want. But, you must ensure that the marquee is of sufficient size to accommodate everyone. A marquee is a versatile space that you can design according to your needs. 

Cost-Effective Services 

With a marquee wedding, you have the freedom to work within your marquee hire budget. You can select your own caterer, decor, menu, and florist. At first, a marquee may seem more expensive than traditional wedding venues. But keep in mind that you have complete control over how you spend your day. To save money, take help from relatives and friends with some wedding tasks. 

Implement Your Favourite Wedding Theme

Marquees come with a blank canvas. It means you have plenty of space to design it according to your needs. First, you get to pick the interior according to your taste. You have many options, from hiring furniture to internal roof linings. Then you can design a layout that takes advantage of your location and ideally meets your plans for the day. You can create everything from reception to bar spaces and dining to the dancing area. And if you are stuck with something, contact our event management team for wonderful suggestions!

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