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Top Wedding Trends in 2023

Top Wedding Trends in 2023

Do you want to know the biggest wedding trends in 2023? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article shares the top fashion trends followed by celebrities in Pakistan. Also, we will share some best ways to make your wedding memorable.

Tropical Flowers

Flowers effectively add a fun element to the wedding celebration. Do you think about wedding flower trends in 2023? Consider giving tropical flowers. Some people like receiving gypsophila flowers and coloured pampas grass at their wedding. 

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Metallic crowns give an impression of queens or kings. Hats are equally popular. Headwear is going to be the biggest wedding trend in 2023. If your wedding is coming soon, consider buying attractive headwear for your special day.

Speeches By The Guests

You may have seen the brides and grooms giving speeches over the last couple of years. With the increased popularity of this trend, guests are also allowed to say some words about the newlywed couple. But, if you are applying this idea, you need to set a time limit for every speaker. This way, everyone can avail the opportunity. 

Wedding Dresses For Brides

The red long wedding gown was famous in late 2020 and early 2021. And we believe this trend will continue in 2023. You can also expect to see more coloured wedding gowns. Consider light blues, pale pinks and gentle lilacs.

Outdoor Reception And Dance Floor

Arranging dancefloors and receptions outside is one of the most common wedding trends in 2023. Couples dancing under the stars will be a tremendous hit. Alfresco midnight food will add delight to the celebration. With restrictions removed and festivities returning to pre-pandemic levels, you can also expect dancing on tables.

Anniversary Receptions

In 2020 and early 2021, several couples followed the “marry now and party later” trend. You are going to see many post-wedding celebrations in 2023. We can expect a large gathering with lovely decor. It is a second chance for a couple to celebrate their love and marriage. 


Wearing a statement suit by the groom is one of the top wedding trends in 2023. You will see all the wonderful men wearing suits on their special day. You can also choose colourful and printed suits according to your choice.

Some wedding trends fade away with time while others sustain. We are here to share the latest trends. However, what you and your spouse prefer is more important. It’s your day, so celebrate it your way.

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