Eco-Friendly Events: A Sustainable Event With Bukhara

Ways To Make Your Event Sustainable

Ways To Make Your Event Sustainable

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Organising eco-friendly and sustainable events are trendy these days. Your guests expect you to do all possible things to reduce the impact of their meetings on the environment. Such events demonstrate the positive image of your company. They are one of the best ways to show your guests that your company cares about the environment. This blog shares what a sustainable event is and how should you plan it? 

What Is A Sustainable Event? 

While Planning a sustainable event, you need to keep your focus on environmental, social and economic issues. An eco-friendly event combines different sustainable ideas. They include recycling, reducing plastic use, and much more. You have to consider all elements that may affect the environment.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Eco-Friendly Event?

These events require more planning than other standard events. But, they have many associated benefits. They put a positive impression of your company on your clients and stakeholders. These events show that your organisation is aware of all such issues. It demonstrates that you are passionate about sustainable event management. And you are taking some serious steps to bring a change. These events go with the values of the guests. Hence, they often prefer sustainable events.

Effective Tips To Organise More Sustainable Event

Understand The Environmental Impact Of Your Event

Before improving, you must first understand your influence. Do you ever observe your event’s impact on the environment? If not, then think about all the elements of your event. And analyse how they are affecting the environment. It will give you a baseline from which you should make start. You do not have to do everything at once. Instead, pick the element that is affecting the most. Make realistic objectives and start working.

Avoid Using Plastic

In recent years, people have been going for a plastic-free trend. Many big companies are minimising the usage of single-use plastics such as straws. 

Using plastic-free items can effectively help in saving the environment. 

Avoid Using Paper

With the advancement in digital technology, you do not need to produce tons of printed material for promoting your event. You can effectively use event pages and interactive digital technology. They play a vital role in keeping the people engaged. But, still, you do not want to use the alternative to paper? Then, make recycling facilities available.

Select Responsible Venue

Before hiring, check if that venue has an environmental management system? Choose a place that has an environmental policy. It is one of the best approaches to making your event sustainable. 

Choose LED Lighting

Are you using traditional fluorescent lighting for your event? Replace them with LED lighting. As they are far more environmentally friendly than typical fluorescent lighting? LED bulbs use less power. As a result, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. It ultimately leads to lower carbon dioxide emissions. One LED bulb will roughly minimise greenhouse gas emissions by half a ton. Hence, we recommend replacing traditional bulbs with LED lighting.

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