How To Make Your Wedding Accessible For All Guests?

Ways To Make Your Wedding More Accessible For Your Guests

Ways To Make Your Wedding More Accessible For Your Guests

The principle of “Universal Design” holds that everyone gets the benefits when products are made to be comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. It is essential on your wedding day since you want all of your guests, including those who may have different disabilities or limited mobility for various reasons, to enjoy the event to the fullest. Here are just a few ideas on planning and making your wedding fun for every guest who will be there.

Select An Accessible Wedding Venue

Your choice of wedding location will significantly influence your plan for your special day. It is crucial to consider availability, location, price, size, wet weather backup, and, most significantly, whether you can comfortably accommodate all of your guests before you pay the deposit. Before committing, ensure you and the wedding planner are on the same page if the venue offers one.

Inquire About Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Include a brief survey about any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences on your RSVP card. Talk to your caterer about alternate menu options. Consider precautions you can take to protect allergy sufferers from cross-contamination. If you decide on a buffet, list the contents of each dish so your guests can choose wisely. Additionally, serving a delicious vegetarian in addition to chicken or fish is always the best idea.

Hire Vendors Wisely

Making your dream wedding a reality requires making the correct vendor selections. Your wedding’s vendors, from the caterer and photographer to the makeup artist and wedding coordinator, should support your expectations. They should be willing to meet special needs of all guests.

Allow People Celebrate In Their Own Special Way

The dancing part is among the happiest and most treasured memories of your wedding day. Following the ceremony, it is time to party with your husband, loved ones, and closest friends. Most importantly, find out their preferred method of celebration. Make sure your wedding venue can accommodate them if they want to join the dance floor. Tell them it’s okay if they’d rather hang out with the other guests and avoid the dance floor.

Make Sure to Start the Important Wedding “Events” Early

Although it is not required, it is a kind of good gesture to wrap up the celebrations early in the evening. It is great if you and your guests want to dance all night long! But do not force people to stay there late at night. Make it obvious that guests are free to go after enjoying an early-evening sweet treat. For some of your guests, scheduling all the important events in a two- or three-hour period might be advantageous.

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