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What Makes Bukhara Royale The Safest Marquee In The Capital?

What Makes Bukhara Royale The Safest Marquee In The Capital

For the past two years, many businesses have been facing restrictions due to covid. But now, life has started to return to normality. Governments in many countries have removed the restrictions they set on businesses. Hotels and other similar businesses are coming to their routine activities. But they have to follow some necessary precautions. Bukhara is the leading marquee in Islamabad. It is located on the main expressway. Here, we deliver the best and safest marquee services to clients. It has maintained its great reputation by taking some self-motivated measures. We practice them daily to keep the marquee safe and secure. Here are some important measures that are helping us in becoming the safest marquee in the capital.

Complete Sanitisation Process

Not just for the booking days, the banquet hall should get completely sanitised almost every day. Authorities in the capital help the banquets and hotels in the sanitisation process. The top marquees in Islamabad have developed their infrastructure to do the needful all by themselves. Here, we take great care to sanitise the marquee every day. Certainly, this has helped us to gain the trust of the clients.

Sanitisation Tunnel

It is yet another important thing that the best marquees have been doing. They have built many of these tunnels at the entrances to their hall. They encourage every guest to cross through the tunnel to get them sanitised. It reduces the possibility of carrying infections into the banquet.

Frequent Use Of Hand Sanitisers And Hand Washes

The use of hand sanitisers and hand washes should be frequent and mandatory, following guidelines provided by the government of Pakistan. Top Banquet halls frequently follow these rules. They place medicated hand sanitisers and hand washes at relevant places. So that guests can use them to wash their hands before entering the banquet hall.

Regular Cleaning Of The Surroundings Of The Marquee

The management of our marquee pays great attention to cleaning of the marquee. In addition, we take complete measures to clean the surrounding of the marquee. Here, the Islamabad municipal authorities also offer their help. They help us to keep everything inside and outside the marquee clean.

Spreading The Messages To Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly threat that has created an alarming situation around the world. The experts believe you can minimise the risk by keeping yourself updated about the situation. Here, the best wedding marquee in the capital has been doing an excellent job. They are working to help people stay safe. They don’t just tell people the risk factors but pass them all the necessary information they can follow to fight COVID-19. 

Every good marquee keeps in mind the interests of the clients. It is the basic responsibility of every successful marquee owner to take care of the things mentioned above. Bukhara is the leading wedding marquee in the capital. It is the best service provider that takes care of all the guidelines the government provides.

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