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Why Choose A Marquee For Your Wedding?

Why Choose A Marquee For Your Wedding?

Marquee Weddings are becoming more popular day by day. They provide versatility for wedding planning. It is the reason they are one of the favourite options of couples. This blog shares some of the common reasons to choose a marquee for your wedding.

Reasons To Choose A Marquee Wedding

Make Your Dream A Reality

You may have imagined a beautiful picture of your wedding day. A marquee makes it much easier to make that vision a reality. You have a blank canvas to work with instead of being restricted by a building that may not provide the atmosphere and location you desire. Many couples choose Bukhara Royale. It is because our marquee is perfect for creating the ideal wedding theme in Islamabad.

Stick To Your budget

A marquee is a good option if you want to stay within your budget. Because of the versatility marquee provides, it is simple to keep your costs low. There are only a few essential things. You can choose the rest according to your budget. There will be no wedding consultant to pressure you into purchasing expensive packages.

Offer Shelter For Outdoor Reception

Outdoor weddings are beautiful. But the unpredictable rain may spoil your celebrations. By choosing a marquee for your reception, you and your guests do not have to worry about unexpected weather changes. Even in the middle of winter, the expert team at Bukhara Royale Marquee will keep you warm. Hence you can enjoy your wedding day and make memories with your spouse.

Choose The Beautiful Location Of Your Choice

Have you always wanted to have your wedding at some location of your choice? Do you want to host your wedding reception in a garden you adore? Marquee hire is the best available option. Hence you can enjoy your special day in the place you love the most.

Provide Flexibility In Finishing Time

The typical wedding venues require you to finish the event by midnight. But some couples prefer to dance and celebrate with their guests all night. After all, it is the happiest day of their life! Marquee hire provides you with the option to celebrate till late at night.


Marquees are significantly more cost-effective than indoor venues. Typical venues charge ‘per head,’ making them quite expensive. Also, they do not provide a place that is large enough. Choosing a marquee is the best option for planning your dream wedding. It offers you the space you require.

Furthermore, marquees are charged based on their size rather than per guest. Hence this is one of the reasons they are famous for larger weddings. Also, with a marquee wedding, you can choose a wedding vendor of your choice. Thus, you can go for a specialized bar or catering company.

Are you looking for a cost-effective marquee in Islamabad? Bukhara Royale is one of the leading marquees in the capital. We offer clients all their party requirements—from location to styling. Are you searching for the best event hire services? Call us now!

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