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You Should Consider For Your Wedding Theme Ceremony!

You Should Consider For Your Wedding Theme

Do you want to personalise your special day? Choose a wedding theme that best suits your personality. A defined wedding style or theme will efficiently help you make important decisions. It helps to select the colour scheme to follow. A unique wedding style plays a vital role in deciding how to decorate your ceremony and reception. Also, it determines the overall vibe of your special day. With various wedding theme ideas, picking your favourite one may seem nearly impossible. This blog shares some exciting wedding themes or styles. For more details, keep reading!

Fairy Tale Theme

A fairy tale theme is also commonly known as a cinderella wedding. This theme includes things that will make the couple and their guests feel like a prince and princess. This wedding theme typically involves horse-drawn carriages, rhinestone-studded ballgowns, orchestra music, etc.

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Garden Theme

Do you want a garden theme for your wedding? Spring and summer are ideal seasons for a garden-themed wedding. Select a venue in a greenhouse, a park or a botanical garden. Backyard weddings are also trendy. This theme will depict butterflies, flowers and greenery all over your venue. 

Holiday Themes

Is your wedding coming near a big holiday? You may use the celebration as your wedding theme. Valentine’s Day and Halloween weddings are some of the popular holiday themes. There are also many other holiday themes depending on the type of holiday.

Romantic Pink Theme

For setting the mood and environment, use the colour scheme. And make it your the theme of your wedding. Red is the symbol of love. But pink is a romantic alternative to the bright colour. It adds a charming touch to your celebration. Do you want to keep the look light? Consider pairing pink with grey instead of black. Teal and baby blue are some other suitable colours for your wedding theme. To create an exquisite look, use tulle and flowers in the venue. Your wedding lighting also plays an important role. Use pink spotlights and candles.

Rustic Weddings

Every love story deserves a beautiful setting. Everyone wants to make their wedding ceremony memorable. Choose the venue carefully. Select the one that fills your heart. A romantic photo shoot in the park could be your ideal.

Beach Theme

For a beach theme wedding, you need to choose a venue near a lake, river, ocean or sea. Starfish, seashells and sandcastles are prominently featured in the venue. You can also use tropical flowers in the beach wedding’s interior reception.

Hosting a themed wedding is a big responsibility. It requires some extra planning and effort. We recommend you hire a wedding planner. And make your wedding day even more special!

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