An Utimate Guide To Famous Pakistani Wedding Events

Pakistani Wedding Traditions & Customs

Pakistani Wedding Traditions & Customs

Pakistan is the land of incredible customs and traditions. Pakistani wedding does not end in one day. It is a series of events that lasts for one or two weeks. The legal age of marriage in Pakistan for women is 16, and for men, it is 18. The wedding celebration involves many pre-wedding events, including engagement, mayun, dholki, and mehndi. Then comes the most awaited and special day for every couple, Barat, which is followed by many post-wedding events, including valima and chauthai. Every Pakistani wedding event has its own importance. They all are unique in their planning, dressing, menu etc. 

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First Meeting

Most marriages, whether arranged or loved, begin with the meeting of boy and girl families. Usually, the girl will be asked to serve tea so the boy’s family can meet her. Once the families are happy, the wedding is scheduled! However, a formal proposal is still required.


The boy’s family will properly propose on behalf of their son. They will give gifts and sweets to the girl and her family. Usually, the girl’s side will accept, and both parties will give their blessings to the couple. Now, the families have committed, and they will not back out.


Engagement is the first Pakistani wedding event to announce the couple’s togetherness formally. Only close family members are invited to this function. The couple will exchange the rings under the blessings of their elders.

Wedding Date Fixed Ceremony

It is the event to fix the wedding ceremony date. It is a formal meeting between the families where they will discuss the wedding events in detail.

Bridal Shower

In the last few years, a new trend of bridal showers has emerged in Pakistan. It is a pure girl celebration that the bride will remember her whole life. Brides spend the full day with their friends and cousins and make beautiful memories. You can expect stylish decor, delicious food, stunning photos, entertainment, live music and much more on this day. 


The bride and Groom’s close family and friends are invited to dholki. Usually, rugs and pillows are used to decorate the floor. People sing folk music from famous Pakistani movies. Additionally, they dance to the beat of a dholak.


Mayun is a fun tradition, but grandmothers take this tradition very seriously. The mayun often begins a few days before the wedding. The bride’s close friends and family put oil and ubtan on the face of the bride.


Mehndi is the most awaited Pakistani wedding event. This function is full of fun in which beautiful and unique mehndi designs are applied to the hands of the brides. A lot of dancing and partying occurs in a casual and cheerful environment.


Attending many events becomes difficult for people due to hectic work routines. Therefore, shehndi is a new trend in Pakistani wedding events. In Shehndi, Mehndi and Barat are both celebrated as a single event. This event incredibly saves a lot of time and money.


The nikkah is the most integral part of an Islamic wedding. To bond in an everlasting relationship, both bride and Groom must say “Qabool hai,” which means “I do,” three times. They then sign the nikkah-naama, the marriage contract that contains the terms and conditions the couple has agreed upon.


The Barat ceremony is the ‘bride’s side’ wedding event as it is hosted and planned by the bride’s family. It is the day when the bride will go with the Groom. He comes with his family and friends to take his wife. The bride usually wears a classic red lehenga. Small customs like joota chupai and doodh Pillai bring joy and enjoyment to the celebrations. Alongside the exceptional decor, delicious food is served to guests.


As the Barat event end, the family prepares to send off the bride with her Groom. You will observe many emotional scenes at the Rukhsati ceremony as the daughter goes from one family to another. The Groom will then take his wife to his parent’s home.


As soon as the bride reaches the Groom’s house, the family and friends will make her feel welcome and special and cheer her up. The couple will start with many traditions, including Khara, Ghutna Pakrai and much more.

Valima Ceremony

Vailma is grand reception planned and hosted by the Groom’s side. It is the ideal way to wrap up the Pakistani wedding events. Everyone can enjoy the event in peace and tranquilly. Usually, people keep the interior simple. They use white flowers to decorate the venue. People prefer soft and light music. Men mostly wear suits, while women dress elegantly in light shades and exquisite jewellery.

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