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The Main Months For Wedding Season In Pakistan

The Main Months For Wedding Season In Pakistan

Are you planning to start a new chapter of your life with your soulmate? Are you getting married soon? If yes, then you must be thinking about the best wedding season or months to arrange the perfect wedding in the town. Your wedding date is vital in planning other aspects of the wedding. It is crucial since you may base your search on it to find a wedding location, a wedding photographer, a wedding caterer, invites, and so on.

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Wedding Months In Pakistan

The wedding season in Pakistan begins in the Islamic month of Rabi ul Awal. In the English calendar, it starts in October and ends in April. Your wedding date depends on where you live and your area’s weather. Due to snow and cold weather, getting married in December and January can be extremely challenging if you live in a northern region. On the other side, in Sindh or Punjab, most weddings take place in December and January. Hence, wedding dates in Pakistan differ by location. It also depends on the personal preference of the bride and groom. Pakistani weddings are joyful events that are typically celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and preparation that begin a few months in advance. People invest a lot of money and energy for the big day.

Best Weather For Wedding Season:

The weather in Pakistan plays a significant role in the wedding season. People usually choose the wedding date according to the weather so guests can attend the wedding without getting annoyed by the weather. They usually choose a date when the weather is moderate. It makes the wedding events more joyful, and everyone can actively participate in the functions. People living in Islamabad and other hill areas schedule their wedding dates in the summer, as the weather is pleasant year-round in these areas. People prefer to schedule weddings between October and April in the hotter areas of Punjab, such as Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot. 

Holiday Season

Winter and summer holidays are the most popular times to host parties and even organise weddings in Pakistan. The holiday season in Pakistan is also known as a wedding. It is thus because everyone is off work and on vacation. The holiday season will add delight to the wedding celebration.

Eid Holiday

People usually prefer to host weddings and other events during the Eid holidays. It is because Eid typically lasts three days and often falls on a weekend, which prolongs the celebration. Ideally, people consider having their wedding on the second or third day of Eid.

Exam Season & Pakistani Wedding

Pakistani weddings are full-fledged events. Any wedding will last at least four days, and everyone must be there. A wedding wouldn’t be complete without adorable cousins and nephews running and playing around! People usually ensure that their wedding dates do not conflict with upcoming college or school exams. This is why March and April are the ideal time for marriage in Pakistan.

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